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Amanda Barrera

Amanda is the visionary behind The Mama Cocoon. This concept was birthed from her own experience of becoming a mom and learning how to navigate balancing it all - which includes maintaining a career and finding time to tend to her own well being! A big part of the solution for her was jumping off the corporate ladder she'd been climbing for the decade before her daughter was born in order to create another path that provided a better balance for family life. While she doesn’t claim to have it all figured out by any means, she is delighted to be able to offer a multi-purpose space that can alleviate some pain points for Moms, serve a variety of needs and to hopefully inspire and empower women to create and grow their own businesses in Ventura County.

In addition to this endeavor, Amanda also runs a successful freelance design business and has coached several personal development courses. She loves traveling, experiencing new things and spending time with friends and family.


Michelle Mack

At a very young age it was clear Michelle was destined to be a Mom.  Her love for children showed as soon as she could hold a baby! Her passion deepened when she became a nanny and that led to her getting her Associates Degree in Child Development.  Michelle has nine years of experience being a preschool teacher and after school program coordinator.  During that time she worked with children ages 8 weeks - 12 years old in a variety of settings and situations.

After having her son in 2015 she stepped down from teacher life to become a full time stay at home mommy, then shortly afterwards welcomed a daughter to her  family. Throughout the evolution of her career and entering Motherhood, Michelle has always maintained her other greatest passion which is leading a healthy and active lifestyle.  For several years now she has taught group fitness, Spin classes and Yoga.  She incorporates her children into these times to create a family ethic of healthy body and mind.


Dani White

Dani grew up in the Bay Area and taught Ice-skating and Dance. Since 2001 she has worked as a Massage Therapist, Esthetician and as a Certified Addiction Counselor in Santa Barbara, Hawaii, & Ventura County. Dani & her husband Matt have 3 beautiful young daughters.  Her passion is to truly help, encourage, inspire & support other mamas on this amazing roller coaster we call motherhood - it really does take a village!

As a licensed Esthetician, Dani provides facials and waxing services at The Mama Cocoon by appointment. Dani is also a Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. Yoga has been her favorite form of self-care as finding balance in life and quietness in the mind can be tough at times! You will leave her Monday evening Restorative classes feeling very relaxed & inspired.